Beauty and well-being

Regenerative and anti-ageing therapies: hyaluronic acid and facial regeneration therapy

We offer anti-ageing treatments, including: wrinkle fillers and lip augmentation.

Hair regeneration

Right now, the only existing method that blocks hair loss and recovers normal hair thickening involves regeneration of the hair itself.

Localised adiposity

At our centre, we obtain excellent results by combining multiple approaches: body shaping, Midas and detox.

A blood draw or other diagnostic tests will also be performed, if necessary, to understand whether there are functional imbalances causing the problem.

Body shaping

Remodelling and reactivating massage: widely-used around the world with proven efficacy, body shaping leverages the coordinated action of the most advanced technologies to achieve surprising results against cellulite, localised adiposity and the signs of age.


A cutting-edge method for reducing pockets of fat by freezing fat cells in the desired areas.


Method for reducing pockets of fat with phosphatidylcholine (soy extract) injections.

Detox Body Styler

The Detox Body Styler device detoxifies and deacidifies the body. Negative ions are used to neutralise acids, bringing the acid-base ratio into balance.

Varicose veins

Capillary sclerotherapy using ozone.

Hot stone massage

A natural therapy in which hot stones are positioned on specific points to maximise therapeutic effect. The therapist often uses the stones as an extension of their hands, performing an enjoyable massage.